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A n    i d e a    w a s    b o r n

A m i g a    I n    C a r    M P 3    P l a y e r

  They said it couldn't be done. They said I was crazy. Some times even I doubted it. But here it is, the worlds first (and, to my knowledge, only) Amiga based in car MP3 player!

  After listening to the radio in my car on the way to university every day for a year, I soon got bored. The radio sucks, especially considering my only choice was Radio 1 or Ocean FM in Portsmouth. A friend sold me a 10 CD changer, but it wasn't enough. I needed more music, instant access to all my play lists and albums. MP3 was the obvious choice, but with an MStation costing a mere £450, I decided to make my own. A few people had managed to cram PCs into their cars, but they were ugly, big and slow. Some people used DOS or Linux, but most seemed to use Windows, which of course requires a long start up and shut down procedure. Shut down my car? I think not.

  I wanted something small for my small car (a Suzuki Alto), that booted up fast (10 seconds max) and didn't need shutting down. In fact, I just wanted to turn the ignition off, and have everything taken care of. Even better, the next time I started my car up, I wanted the music to continue exactly where it left off, just like the CD changer did. But most importantly of all, I wanted it to be an Amiga, my system of choice.

  Thus, AmiMPC was born. I knew what I needed: a small Amiga, power supply, a control unit and software. Rather than just copy someone else, I decided to design and build everything myself.

N o w    i n    2 0 0 1

A m i M P C    i s    h e r e
Development:1+ years

Machine:C= A1200 R.1D4
CPU:68030 @ 40MHz
RAM / Used:4MB / 1.1MB
HD:8GB IBM 2.5"

Code:3200+ lines
Main exe:34k

Boot time:8 secs
Output:18bit 44100Hz
Size:36 x 24 cm

The following people contributed in one way or another to this project. Many thanks to all of them (in no order):
  • Paul Harding
  • Ian Greenway
  • Dirk Conrad
  • Mike O'Hara
  • Thomas Wenzel
  • The ASA crew

Feel free to contact me: